Tuesday, 13 September 2016


Room 8 have been practising their dance for the production. Above are some photos of what they've been practising for the big night. 

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

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Volleyball                                                                                       by Eliana

A volleyball coach from Brazil, taught Windsor North school pupils volleyball skills, on Monday 1st of August.

Becoming acquainted
Room 8 entered the hall excitedly. The coach introduced himself. He asked who had experienced volleyball before. A majority of pupils had their hands down. The coach went on to explain the basics of volleyball.

Opening skill
The first skill that was taught, was how to set."First place your hands in a diamond shape." said he. Catch and push were the two main instructions. Pupils had to work with one other pupil to develop their understanding of setting.

Concluding the session
To conclude the session, there was a miniature game of volleyball. The class was divided up into four teams. The game was to help improve the students skill for the future. Sport Southland hopefully will continue supporting volleyball for the next generation and so on.

The outcome
A great number of pupils had a splendid time and are looking forward to the next session.